Thanks to our decades of experience and our own developed checking, control and measuring systems, innovative production, quality and clean room technology has emerged, making the difference between a good and perfect primary packaging material clearly visible. Perfection and safety are the cornerstones of our business, as we know that we have a significant responsibility for the sensitive products which our glass packaging will later contain and protect. We thus accept a high level of responsibility towards our customers, employees and suppliers.

For us, holistic thinking means considering the changes and demands of tomorrow at today and examining a high end product along its entire lifecycle. This way of thinking is for us the basis for innovation, security and reliability - we start with this as early as the consultation.

In addition to excellent know-how and the distinctive inclination towards innovation and ecological optimisation, our dedicated team first and foremost forms the basis for this high standard. People who make the customer’s, our partner’s, goals to their own thus develop an economic and holistically optimised entire solution.
It is thanks to its dedicated employees that ISO is so strong and so successful. As a team, we are able to contribute each individual’s strengths and expertise to the projects. Furthermore, we strive to support the professional development of our employees in every way. Continuous training and individual programmes on further development increase the potential of our employees and enable us to support and process innovative ideas with a future-oriented outlook, at the highest level, both effectively and in a result-oriented way.

Always a step ahead with safety and reliability.